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We are available 24h. For questions and emergencies +31(0)773270135

Pillows & Duvets

There are 4 pillows in each room. Of course, you can contact reception should you need an extra duvet or pillow.

Do not disturb

If you do not wish to be disturbed, please hang the do not disturb card on the outside of the door. Please note that our housekeeping will not come to your room to change towels, if necessary.


Smoking is not allowed in the rooms.


Password: lindehoeve


We think about the environment. Please place towels that need to be changed on the floor.


All our rooms are equipped with a smart TV. You can only watch TV via 1 of the apps.

  • Turn on the TV
  • You see a black screen
  • Press the “home”button on the remote control
  • At the bootom of the screen you will see the various pre-programmed apps
  • Use the arrow button to navigate between the different apps
  • Make you choise by pressing the “OK” button
  • You can leave the menu at any time by pressing the “BACK” button

At the bottom of the screen, in addition to the pre-programmed apps, you will also find the app store; feel free to take a look here for the other options for watching digital TV and listening to music.

If you have a Netflix, Videoland or one of the other paid streaming services, you can make use of it by logging in. Don’t forget to log out again when you leave.

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